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Advice Leaflet 10: How to find a lawyer


There are two websites that can help you find a lawyer in NSW. They are:


Each of these sites contains a search engine that allows you to find a solicitor or barrister by name, geographical region or specialisation.


If possible, find a lawyer who is a children's law specialist (this is different from a family law specialist).


Many solicitors and barristers who practice in the NSW Children's Court act on occasions for Community Services. They also act on different occasion for parents.


FIN-NSW has compiled the following list of solicitors and barristers who only act for parents. This information may be of use to parents when they are looking for a solicitor to represent them in the Children's Court.




Cameron Bell, Universal Law, Suite 6, 97 Stuart St., (PO Box 90), Mullumbimby, NSW 2482. Tel. 6684 6111. E-mail:

Paul Denmeade & Co., 2/98 Woodlark St., Lismore, NSW 2480. Tel.6622 2201. E-mail:

Graeme Dougherty, Dougherty and Smith, Cnr Patrick and Hurley St, Campbelltown, NSW 2560. Tel. 4625 5177, E-mail:

Debbie Flynn, Debbie Flynn and Associates, 35A Gurwood St., Wagga Wagga, NSW 2650. Tel. 6921 1060. E-mail: 

Luke Geary, Salvos Legal Humanitarian, 86 Campbell St., Surry Hills, NSW 2010. Tel. 9213 3902. E-mail:

Hal Ginges, Hal Ginges Co Pty Ltd., 81 Lurline St., Katoomba, NSW 2780. Tel 4782 2888. E-mail:


Ricardo Gonzales, Gonzales and Co., Level 8, 301 Castlereagh St., Sydney 2000. Tel. 9281 2225. E-mail:


Dr. Patricia Hansen, Hansen Legal, Marsden Chambers, Suite 202, Level 2, 144 Marsden Street, Parramattta, NSW 2150. Tel. 0416 112 330. E-mail:

Lovemore Ray Ndou, Bazzi Lawyers, 93a Railway St., Rockdale, NSW 2216. Tel. 9597 5028. Fax 9597 5385. E-mail:

Marissa Sandler, Intellectual Disability Rights Service, PO Box 3347, Redfern, NSW 2106. Tel. 9318 0144. E-mail:  

Sarah Harrod, Harrods and Associates, PO Box 1007, Petersham, NSW 2049. Tel. 8507 0156. E-mail:

Steven Ktenas, 23 Park Road, Carlton, NSW 2218. Tel. 9594 1418. E-mail:  

Neisa Shepherd, NIS Law, Level 1, 83 Brunker Rd., Broadmeadow, NSW 2292. Tel. 4927 6315. Fax 4927 6525. E-mail:

Brian Samuel and Associates, Suite 1, Floor 1, 1465 Pittwater Road, North Narrabeen, NSW 2101. Tel. 9970 5372. E-mail:

Robert Tricca and Associates, Suite 5/6, 116 Queen St., Campelltown, NSW 2560. Tel. 4628 4993. E-mail:



Normally, a barrister has to be briefed by an instructing solicitor.

Lee-May Saw, Martin Place Chambers, 6th Floor, 65 Martin Place, NSW 2000. Tel. 8227 9600. E-mail:


  • Some of the solicitors identified above may from time to time be appointed to represent a child or children in a Children's Court case.

  • This is not a closed list. If there are other solicitors who do not act for Community Services who would like their name to be placed on this list they should send an e-mail requesting inclusion to

  • If anyone named on this list wishes to have their name removed they should make this request to

  • Should FIN-NSW become aware, at any point in the future, that a person named on this list is acting for Community Services then their name will immediately be removed from this list.

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